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Hanging Tomahawk Steak on the Big Green Egg

Hanging Tomahawk Steak on the Big Green Egg


    Red Meat




    1-2 hours




    Serves 2-4


Welcome to a masterclass in grilling where tradition meets innovation in the heart of your backyard. Today, we're diving deep into the art of cooking a tomahawk steak, not just any steak but one that's expertly prepared in a Big Green Egg (BGE) using a method that will mesmerize and delight. This is not only a cooking session but an exploration into the fusion of impeccable technique with robust flavor.

Understanding the Tomahawk Steak

The tomahawk steak is essentially a ribeye with a long bone left attached, giving it the look of a tomahawk axe. This impressive presentation is matched by its flavor, as the ribeye is known for its rich marbling and beefy taste. The bone in the tomahawk not only adds to its visual allure but also enhances the steak’s flavor as it cooks.

Why Choose the Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg is a marvel of culinary engineering, perfect for a variety of cooking methods. Its ability to maintain consistent temperatures and facilitate a controlled airflow makes it an ideal choice for cooking thick cuts like the tomahawk, especially using the reverse sear method.

Video Recipe

Preparing the Tomahawk

  1. Fuel the Flame with Fogo Lump Charcoal: Begin by loading your BGE with Fogo Lump Charcoal. This high-quality charcoal ensures a clean, even burn, essential for the controlled cooking we aim to achieve. Arrange the charcoal strategically to allow a central space free of coals, enhancing airflow and temperature control.

  2. Tomahawk Prep: Secure your steak with kitchen twine, wrapping around the meat to maintain its shape and ensure even cooking. The beauty of the tomahawk is in its thickness, and tying helps maintain an even thickness throughout.

  3. Precision Drilling: Mark the bone where it extends from the top of your BGE to identify the drilling spot. This preparation allows you to hang the steak perfectly within the grill.

  4. Seasoning for Success: Before hanging, coat the steak lightly with Wagyu beef tallow and season liberally with Jacobsen Habanero Salt and fresh ground black pepper, which will help to form a beautiful crust.

Cooking Process: Mastering the Hang

  1. Setting the Stage: Insert the Meater thermometer into the thickest part of the steak to keep a precise eye on the internal temperature without frequent opening of the BGE. This wireless thermometer is key to achieving the perfect doneness without losing heat.

  2. The Hanging Method: Hang the steak in the BGE by threading a skewer through the hole previously drilled in the bone. This allows the meat to be surrounded by heat, cooking it evenly on all sides.

  3. Cooking to Perfection: Maintain a steady 250°F within the BGE. The Meater thermometer should be set to alert you once the internal temperature reaches 120°F. This method allows for a slow, even cook that enhances the steak’s natural flavors.

The Searing Finale

After reaching the desired internal temperature, it’s time to sear the steak. Crank up the heat by opening the vents and placing the Arteflame plancha over the Fogo Lump Charcoal. The intense heat from the plancha is perfect for searing. Place the tomahawk on the hot plancha for about one minute per side, using the Meater thermometer to monitor the surface temperature. This step introduces a rich, golden crust through the Maillard reaction, crucial for that burst of flavor.

Rest, Slice, and Serve

Allow the steak to rest, enabling the juices to redistribute. Slice against the grain after removing the rib cap, ensuring each piece is tender and juicy. The Meater thermometer, used here for the third time, confirms the resting temperature, ensuring the meat is perfect inside and out.

Closing Thoughts

Cooking a hanging tomahawk in the Big Green Egg is a culinary experience that blends skill, science, and soul. Each step, from preparing the Fogo Lump Charcoal to the final temperature check with the Meater thermometer, is designed to enhance your cooking journey. This method not only delivers a stunningly delicious steak but also elevates your grilling repertoire. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and remember, every meal is an opportunity to create a masterpiece. Happy grilling!


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