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TipTopTemp - Temperature Regulator

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Transform any kettle or kamado-style grill into a master smoker with the TipTopTemp Temperature Regulator. This ingenious device attaches to your grill, taking the guesswork out of maintaining the perfect smoking temperature. With a compact design featuring a five-inch diameter base and a three-inch second stage, the TipTopTemp stands just about three inches tall, easily fitting onto your grill's vent without the need for batteries or electricity. The bi-metal coil inside this nifty gadget is the secret to its precision, automatically regulating airflow and thus controlling the temperature within a remarkable 5-10 degree range.

The newest Model TTT-03 is even more user-friendly, arriving in two parts for convenient storage and cleaning. Its enhanced design promotes smoother movement and comes with simplified instructions, making your smoking sessions more efficient than ever. Whether you're an avid griller looking to branch out into smoking or a seasoned pitmaster, the TipTopTemp is an essential tool for achieving low and slow cooking perfection.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Accurate Temperature Control: Maintains grill temperature within 5-10 degrees for perfect smoking.

  • Ease of Use: No batteries or electricity needed, just set it up and let the bi-metal coil work its magic.
  • Versatile Fit: Compatible with a 5"/13CM Daisy Wheel for various kettle and kamado grills.
  • Improved Design: The latest model ensures smoother operation and easier handling.
  • Compact: Its small stature allows for easy storage and minimal space usage on the grill.

Achieve the rich, smoky flavors of professional barbecue with the TipTopTemp Temperature Regulator. Don’t wait to make your next grilling session the talk of the neighborhood—add this to your cart now and smoke like a pro!


How Does Tip Top Temp Work?

The Tip Top Temp works by controlling the airflow to the charcoal or wood fire in the grill. It attaches directly to the grill's top vent with a silicone band, fitting most standard grill types, including the popular Weber grills. The mechanism inside the Tip Top Temp is essentially a thermostat that responds to the heat inside the grill. As the temperature inside the grill rises, the thermostat expands and gradually closes the vent, reducing the oxygen supply to the coals and lowering the temperature. Conversely, if the temperature inside the grill falls, the thermostat contracts, opening the vent to allow more oxygen, which in turn increases the fire's intensity and the grill's internal temperature.

This process of automatic vent adjustment helps to eliminate large temperature swings and maintains a more steady cooking environment, which is essential for long, slow cooking processes like smoking or slow roasting.

How to Use Tip Top Temp with a Big Green Egg

Using the Tip Top Temp with a Big Green Egg requires a few key steps for optimal performance:

  1. Remove the Chimney Cap: Before installing the Tip Top Temp, remove the original chimney cap from the Big Green Egg. This is necessary as the Tip Top Temp will serve as the primary airflow regulator once installed.

  2. Attach the Tip Top Temp: Securely attach the Tip Top Temp to the top vent of the Big Green Egg using the provided silicone band. Ensure a tight fit to prevent air leaks, which can impact the effectiveness of temperature control.

  3. Setting the Dial: With the new design of the Tip Top Temp, the dial does not have calibrated degrees. Instead, start with the dial set to 100% open before lighting the charcoal. This initial wide-open setting allows the grill to reach a starting temperature more easily. From there, you will need to adjust the dial based on observation and experience. It may require some trial and error to find the perfect setting for maintaining the desired temperature, but once dialed in, the Tip Top Temp controls the temperature effectively.

  4. Lighting the Grill and Adjusting the Dial: Light your charcoal and let the Big Green Egg reach an initial temperature. Monitor the grill’s temperature and adjust the Tip Top Temp dial as necessary during the early stages of heating. This might involve fine-tuning the dial to gradually decrease airflow as the desired cooking temperature is approached and stabilized.

Using the Tip Top Temp with your Big Green Egg, especially after understanding the nuances of its dial settings, will enhance your grilling experience by providing more consistent and reliable temperature control, essential for achieving excellent culinary results.

Team Kookio's Review

" I've been using the TipTopTemp temperature regulator on both my Kamado Joe Classic II and the Weber 22", and I've had excellent results with both grills. The initial setup can be a bit tricky since the dial isn’t calibrated in degrees, which means it takes some trial and error to get it just right. However, once I figured out how to adjust the dial according to the grill's response, the device worked incredibly well, maintaining a consistent temperature which is crucial for long and slow cooks.

In terms of cost, the Tip Top Temp is quite affordable, which is a pleasant surprise given its effectiveness. For the price, it really is a top-notch temperature control tool. Despite the learning curve, it’s totally worth the effort, as it significantly improves the grilling experience. It allows me to focus more on what I’m cooking rather than being constantly concerned about fluctuations in temperature. If you're serious about grilling and looking for a cost-effective way to improve your grill game, I highly recommend giving the Tip Top Temp a try."

- Luis, an eager griller exploring all food types.


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