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Flambe Filet Mignon on a Salt Block

Flambe Filet Mignon on a Salt Block

There are many ways to prepare a steak on a grill.  You can cook it directly, use the “just keep flipping” method, pan fry, reverse sear, and an endless list of other methods to get a flavorful steak.  Well, we want to introduce you to a method that is seldom used but offers a great (and tasty) alternative to the everyday steak cooking process, the Himalayan Salt Block method.

This is an old French method of preparing food directly on a block of salt.  It really helps to infuse the food with great flavor and not getting too salty.  The steaks sear beautifully and develop a great crust.  With the salt block as a cooking surface, there is really no need to add any other seasonings to the steaks as it imparts plenty of flavor.

The second part of this cook is to flambé the steaks.  This is also a French method that is not used as much as it was years ago.  It was extremely popular in the 70’s.  The word flambé comes from the French and literally translates to “flaming” or “flamed”.  It means simply to light food on fire that has liquor or liqueur added.  It is done for dramatic effect and to develop an additional flavor on the meat.  If you want to really impress your friends and family, flame these beautiful steaks up right in front of them.  They will feel like they are in the finest of restaurants!  One warning, be INCREDIBLY careful with this step, it does make use of flaming liquid and it can easily get away from you.  Use only rimmed pans or platters so that it will contain the area that can burn

Thank you all for joining us for another episode of The FOGO Life.  Click the link and watch the whole video, as I think you will really enjoy it.  This was something quite different and very tasty.  When you watch the video, remember to SUBSCRIBE to the FOGO channel and turn on the bell for notifications.  We always love when you leave a comment and promise to reply to each comment left.  Enjoy your day, spread some love, and get out and grill! 

Video Recipe


  1. Prepare your grill for 2 zone cooking.  Direct heat on one side, indirect on the other
  2. Light your coals and place the salt block on the indirect side of the grill.  Let the grill heat up slowly.  If you heat it too fast or using too much direct heat, you run the risk of cracking the salt block.
  3. When the block reaches 350°, you can slide it over to the direct heat side, provided that the heat is not too close to the block.
  4. Heat the salt block until it hits 500°.
  5. Place each filet directly on the salt block.  Allow it to cook for around 4 minutes and has built a good sear.  Flip each steak over and try to place it on an area of the block that has not been used yet.  Cook until the second side has a good crust and has reached an internal temperature of 125° for medium rare and 130° for medium.  Remove from the block and place in a flame proof pan or platter.
  6. Pour a shot of the bourbon over the two steaks and ignite the liquor.  This will allow the alcohol to burn off and add a rich flavor of the bourbon to the steaks. 
  7. Slice, serve and watch your guests faces as they taste this delicious creation that you have made

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