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FOGO Briquets HOT & FAST Spatchcock Chicken

FOGO Briquets HOT & FAST Spatchcock Chicken

What are FOGO Briquets made from?

Our Premium Briquets are made of 100% natural ingredients: Coconut shells (a byproduct of coconut harvesting) and held together by starch, vegetable oil & natural sugars.

Superior Burning Performance

Charcoal coconut briquets have a high energy density, which means they burn for hotter and longer time than regular briquets, apart from producing less ash!

FOGO Flavor 

Like all FOGO products, the FOGO briquet imparts a real wood-fire flavor, with a mild and pleasant aroma which makes the grilling experience even more enjoyable.

Can I use FOGO Briquets in a Big Green Egg Kamado Grill?

For this question, I won’t beat around the bush.  The short answer is YES!  Although our Premium Black Bag and Super Premium lump Charcoal are the preferred charcoal for kamado style grills, our new coconut shell briquets will work just fine.  Because of the ingredients used to make them, they will burn longer and more evenly than traditional briquets.  The other part of that equation is that they will produce far less ash than traditional briquets.  

What is a Spatchcock Chicken?

A spatchcock chicken is simply a bird that has had the backbone removed by a butcher or maybe even by you, the grill master!  Once the backbone is removed, the bird is pushed down hard so that the breast plate snaps and allows the yardbird to lay flat.  This process is also known as butterflying and should be a part of any cooks skills.

This is a very simple process to do so do not be intimidated by it.  The hardest part may be to cut through the few rib bones that you may encounter.  Just snip right through them and you will be fine. 

Tools needed for spatchcock

There are really no special tools needed that you probably don’t already have in your utensils drawer.  You’ll need a cutting board and a sharp pair of kitchen shears or a good chef’s knife.  You can use either one and you’ll have great results.  Personally, I prefer to use the shears, but many others prefer the knife method.  I’ll tell you what, we will leave it up to you.

New FOGO Charcoal All Natural Briquets

Although briquets have traditionally been used in kettle style and other charcoal type grills, you can see by these videos that ours can be used in any type of charcoal grill.  They won’t fill your grill with used ash and their clean burning gives a tasty, light kiss of smoke on your food.  Remember, treat smoke as an ingredient when cooking.  Too much can turn a great meal into a “I don’t want to eat this” meal quickly. 

FOGO Briquets can be found exclusively on and at Ace Hardware.  If your local Ace does not have them yet, simply ask them to stock them.  They are already in all Ace warehouses.  Try them out for yourself and see what you think.  Let us know and don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts.  We want to see what you’ve got cooking! 

Until the next time, Get Out And Grill and we look forward to seeing you again on The FOGO Life.


  1. Fill your Kick Ash Basket in your grill with FOGO Premium Briquets and prepare your grill for hot and fast indirect grilling at 375°. Light the charcoal by placing 2 FOGO starters in a Blazaball and light them.  Place in the center of the charcoal and once it is burning, build a pyramid over the Blazaball with the briquets.
  2. Using the prep tub to work in, take your kitchen scissors and remove the backbone from the chicken. Flip the bird over and press down heavily on the breast until you hear it pop and it lays flat.  Spray the bird with Duck Fat Spray and apply an even coat of Greek Freak seasoning.
  3. Once the grill is at temperature, place the bird in the center of the cooking grate. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 160° in the breast.  Remove it from the grill and allow it to rest for a minimum of 10 minutes before carving.  This will allow the carryover cooking to increase the temperature to 165°, the recommended minimum safe internal temperature to serve poultry.
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