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Cinco de Mayo Mexican Style Lasagna

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Style Lasagna


    Red Meat




    1-2 hours


    Indirect Grilling


    Serves 4-6

Cinco de Mayo Eats

Welcome to week numero dos of our Cinco de Mayo celebration recipes!  In case you missed last week, Captain Ron made some stuffed peppers that blew our minds.  The flavors that he built were amazing and we all ate to our limit.  Here is a link just in case you missed it: Go ahead and check it out and see how easy and delicious those peppers are! 

This weeks recipe is something totally different and another Cptnron302 recipe creation.  Yes, this week it is Mexican Style lasagna.  Yes, we looked at him funny when he first proposed it to us but once that we tasted it, we just knew that he had to make a video for you about it.  It is just too good not to share.  Layers and layers of noodles, ricotta, salsa, onion, beef, and cheese make this one seriously indulgent treat that will definitely help to soak up some of those Cinco de Mayo Corona’s and tequila that seem to flow like a river on the 5th.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

If you are not familiar, Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May)   commemorates the anniversary of Mexico's victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.  The funny part about this “holiday” is that it has become more popular to celebrate in the United States than they do in Mexico!  Yes, we Americans can find a way to celebrate anything as long as it involves good food and plenty to drink.  There are celebrations of this day in every town in the U.S. even though it really has nothing to do with us. The reason that it has become so popular?  Back in the 1980’s, there was a huge advertising push by beer, wine, and tequila companies.  This started a mass Mexican food and drink day that has continued to grow each year.  As a matter of fact, Cinco de Mayo beer sales now rival that of the Super Bowl.  That, mi amigos, is a LOT of cerveza.  Thanks Corona….

Mexican Lasagna?  Never heard of it!

When we say the word lasagna, thoughts automatically go to the decadent dish that was originated in Italy featuring wide noodles, layered with meats, tomato sauce, vegetables, cheeses, spices, bechamel sauces or any combo of these.  Well in all actuality, the wide, flat noodles used to assemble this tasty treat are actually called lasagna noodles.  That is where the name of the dish comes from.  

Now, we couldn’t find any law that says that lasagna has to be prepared Italian style though, so here we give you Mexican style lasagna.  Before you turn your nose up at it, you may want to give this a try.  Our camera man was convinced that this was a terrible idea, but once he tasted it, he couldn’t stop eating it.  It really was that good.

Equipment we used

Did you know that we have a whole new and improved website that is more user friendly and will offer all types of cooking supplies as well as our regular grilling merch?  It’s true and it is called  We want you, our valued customer, to be able to have the simplest and most easy way to find what you are looking for and we do believe that we have succeeded.  Kookio is a fun twist on Kookie for Cooking and was perfect for what we were hoping to accomplish.  It is like Ron, fun and lighthearted but really gets the job done.  LOL!  All of the products that we used in the video, from charcoal to protective gloves, are available on the site.  Head over and check it out.  Of course, as always, we offer free shipping on all orders over $75 and that includes charcoal!

The Romertopf series of grill safe ceramic cookware is something that we are very excited to share with you.  It transfers and retains heat beautifully for much more even cooking than even cast iron can offer.  Our favorite part?  It cleans up very easily.  We have many pieces available in the collection and we would recommend the Grill Bowl for assembling this dish.    You can check out the other similar items in the ceramic collection that we offer as well.

Kick Ash Basket- If you are not using a Kick Ash Basket in your Kamado grill, what are you waiting for?  It makes cleaning the old ash and coals incredibly simple and mess free and help with cooking by providing increased air flow for cleaner burning charcoal.

In Conclusion

We hope that you enjoy this video and will make it at home.  When you do, post it on your social media and please be sure to tag us, @fogocharcoal & @cptnron302.  When you do, we may just feature you on our story!  

Enjoy the Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Whatever you do, if you are out partying, please remember to drink responsibly and make it home safely.  Uber and Lyft are your amigos!  If you decide to celebrate at home, whip up this tasty lasagna or last weeks stuffed peppers and enjoy.  Thanks for tuning in, #GetOutAndGrill and we will see you the next time on The FOGO Life! 


  1. Fill your grill with FOGO Premium Charcoal and prepare it for indirect cooking at 375°.  
  2. On a stovetop, place the meat and onion into the carbon steel paella and cook until the onion begins to turn translucent.  Then, prepare according to the directions on the taco seasoning packet.  Remove from the heat and set aside.
  3. Cover the bottom of the casserole dish with a level of lasagna noodles.  Break the noodles if you have to in order to cover the bottom completely.
  4. Cover the noodles with a thin layer of the ground beef mixture, then a layer of ricotta cheese, thin layer of salsa and a layer of the shredded cheese.  Cover with another layer of noodles and repeat.  Continue this process until it is filled near the top.  Cover the top layer with an even layer of shredded cheese.
  5. Place in the heated grill for approximately 1 hour or until the noodles are softened (stick a skewer or probe in to check)  and the cheese is melted, bubbly and beginning to brown.
  6. Remove the lasagna from the grill and allow it to rest for 15 minutes before cutting and serving.  Sprinkle the chopped cilantro on top prior to serving.


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