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New and Improved PK Original!

At the heart of it's upgraded retro architecture, the new original PK grill embodies the spirit and pure cooking simplicity of the very first cast aluminum PK Grill to come out of its mold in 1952. Still built to cook. Still built to last. as always, 100% original.

The new PK Original Grill isn't about nostalgia alone; it's about the here and now. Standing three inches taller, this grill gives you the perfect working height to flip those burgers without any stoop. The radial vents come with hashmarks, not just for that sleek look but for precision airflow control that would make any pilot envious. And let’s not breeze past the new durahinge™ design—this beauty offers the stability of a grand oak, whether the lid’s wide open or closed snugly against the grill

What's New in the PK Original Grill

- 3" taller working height
- Radial vents with hashmarks for ease of use and precise air control
- New durahinge™ design offers more stability open or closed
- Wider, more precise lid seal
- Interior ash containment and airflow management
- More ergonomic handle
- Custom aluminum wheels with rubber tires
- More shelf space
- Ultra high-quality cart construction
- Temperature probe access door
- Reengineered cooking surface with removable fuel door

Built to Cook

- A capable grill and smoker
- Excels at low/slow AND hot/fast cooks
- Proprietary shape ideal for 2-zone cooking
- Cast aluminum = even heat
- Hinged cooking grid for easy coal management
- Ash containment


- Rustproof aluminum capsule
- 20-year warranty
- Lugged cart construction
- Durabilium™ lid handle
- Cast-in Durahinge™ won't rust or break
- Real rubber wheel with aluminum rim

Grill Features

Radial top vents and bottom vents with easy access control levers

New Durahinge(TM) design offers more stability open or closed

High-quality and rust-proof cart construction with cast aluminum lugs and beefy aluminum tubes

4 point venting

PK Grills patented venting shape for exceptional Two-Zone grilling. Enjoy superior direct high heat cooking and indirect low & slow cooking!

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