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Opa! If you love meat on a stick, sun dried tomatoes, olives and a lot of garlic, then you can consider yourself a Greek freak – and you’re guaranteed to love our Mediterranean rub. Try Greek Freak on asparagus, pastas, fish, potatoes, eggs and more. You won’t find any fillers in this quality product, but you'll find lots of flavor.

Made in United States

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
t (Sandwich, US)
Yazoo, oh no...

Although I love this Greek Freak spice bland (I'm Greek), and it reminds me of Yaya's cooking, $60/lb is insane!!

Thomas Devine (Pasadena, US)
Pork Gyros

Pork Gyros on the Trompo King cant be beat with this rub and FOGO recipe!!!!

Paul Drazkowski (Brownsville, US)

I haven’t try it yet

Keith (Harrisonburg, US)
Delicious and Versatile!

I put this on veggies, chicken, pizza… almost everything. Exceptional flavor and bouquet.

Craig Curtis (Claremont, US)
Greek Freak

This seasoning is not heavy with salt. Very Mediterranean, earthy seasoning we have used it on chicken and butternut squash it was fantastic and I liked being able to add just a pinch of salt to my family’s liking

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