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burns longer

Because all of the lump charcoal pieces measured over 4 inches in length you’ll experience increased overall burn time which is ideal for low and slow cooking and means your lump charcoal won’t be done before your meat is done.


Other lump charcoal is over-cooked during production, robbing the charcoal of its unique, wood-fire flavor. FOGO’s artisanal production process maintains the aromatic essence of the Inga wood ensuring your food will have far more flavor.


Use in your Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo or any kamado-style ceramic grill

Customer Reviews

Based on 1735 reviews
Michael Koller
Outstanding charcoal

Filled up the basket with the premium lump charcoal for my pork butt cook. It lasted the entire 12 hour cook (low and slow). Outstanding!!!

Terry Price
This bag was not quite a good as previous ones

I have been a Fogo use for years. I plan to stay a Fogo user for many more. I waited on this bag to arrive to smoke a brisket on my Big Green Egg because the Fogo I had remaining from my last bag consisted of the smaller pieces that fall to the bottom. I was a bit surprised to see that most of what I received in the new Super Premium Lump Charcoal bag was also smaller pieces. Not tiny, but radically smaller than what I had been accustomed to. Now, they worked just fine with the pork brisket but required more tending and care than the larger lumps to which I had been accustomed. Again, I’m assuming this is a “one-off” event and the next bag will be what I’ve grown to love over the years. Many thanks for the good product and service. I look forward to continued use of Fogo Charcoal.

Stephen Flatt

I love all the Fogo products

maximo rivera
easy transaccion

company has a dedication to great customer service. I enjoy using them again and again!!

Lee Brettman
Best charcoal.

Large pieces, little ash. Wonderful smell

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