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easy lighting, hot burning

All FOGO Lump Charcoal is made from a special blend of Inga wood. Inga wood offers just the right hardness/density for easier lighting and hot burning performance.


Other lump charcoal is over-cooked during production, robbing the charcoal of its unique, wood-fire flavor. FOGO’s artisanal production process maintains the aromatic essence of the Inga wood ensuring your food will have far more flavor.

IDEAL FOR CERAMIC (and other charcoal) GRILLS

Use in your Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo or any kamado-style ceramic grill or any other charcoal grill for grilling steaks, burgers, chicken and all other grill-and-eat foods.

Customer Reviews

Based on 921 reviews
maximo rivera
best charcoal

ii wont change it

Craig Boyd
The Best

Great charcoal…good size, burns hot, burns long. My only negative comments are it is out of my budget range and there is often a considerable amount of extremely small pieces (too small to use) in the bottom of the bag.

J Gilmore
Fellow FOGO Premium Lump User

I received a bag of lump with high moisture. After drying lump in the sun, it was easy to light and establish desired temperature. First occurance with a shipment.

Allen Hendry
My Go-to Charcoal!

In the years I have had a Kamado, I have used many different brands of charcoal. I have found for the price, Fogo is the most consistent in size and burn, and never produces nasty smoke or flavor. I use the black bag for everyday grilling(and I do grill about every day!), and the yellow bag is great for especially longer cooks.

Kitsap Plumbers Group
Black bag review

It’s the perfect size for a small kamado (KJ jr).

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