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Drip Ez BBQ Prep Tub

by Drip EZ
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*Excludes Grills and Coffee Equipment

Color: Black

Why We Love it

Let me share a little secret with you, folks. Grilling used to be a messy affair for me. Seasoning meat? Rubs everywhere. Transferring burger patties fresh off the grill? Juice dripping down my arm. Cleaning up after a barbecue bash? Felt like battling a grease monster.

But then I found the Drip-EZ Prep Tub, and everything changed. This isn’t just any plastic container; it’s a revolutionary grilling multi-tool that has transformed my backyard barbecues.

Luis S.

Key Features

  • Collapsible Design: This collapsible tub saves space in your cabinets. It folds flat for easy storage and pops open in seconds when you need it.

  • Built-In Cutting Board (EZ-Board): The EZ-Board sits on top of the tub, creating a dedicated space for prepping your meat. Whether trimming fat, seasoning, or slicing, it all happens over the tub, containing any drips or mess.

  • Leakproof Construction: No more runaway juices! The tub seals tight, so marinades stay put, and there’s no splatter when transporting cooked meats.

  • Dishwasher Safe: Cleanup is a breeze. Just toss the tub and EZ-Board in the dishwasher, and you’re ready for the next grilling adventure.


The Drip-EZ Prep Tub is not just a pretty face; it’s become my go-to grilling companion for several reasons:

Versatility: This collapsible tub handles various tasks. Whether you’re seasoning a whole brisket or marinating chicken wings, the EZ-Board keeps your mess contained. Need to transport a rack of ribs? The leakproof design ensures a mess-free trip from grill to table.

The Magic of the EZ-Board: This cutting board isn’t just any cutting board. It sits snugly on top of the tub, creating a two-tiered system. Prep your meat on the board, and any drippings or juices fall directly into the tub below. No more fighting with runaway spices or greasy countertops!

Meat Tubs Variety: Drip-EZ offers a variety of tub sizes to suit your grilling needs. Tackling a whole turkey? The XL tub is your champion. Just prepping some burgers? The standard size is perfect. These meat tubs make grilling tasks easier and cleaner.

Durable Design: Made from strong, BPA-free plastic, this tub is built to last. It can handle the wear and tear of a busy grilling season. Plus, the EZ-Board is constructed from high-quality, non-slip material, making it safe and secure for all your chopping needs.

Different Tub Sizes: The variety of tub sizes ensures you have the right meat tub for any grilling occasion. Whether it's a small family barbecue or a large gathering, there's a collapsible tub that fits your needs perfectly.


Specification Original XL


EZ Prep

EZ Prep


Prep Collapsible Tub

Prep Collapsible Tub


BPA Free Plastic

BPA Free Plastic

Length (in)



Width (in)



Height (Unfolded)



Height (Folded)



Dishwasher Safe




Learn what makes the EZ Prep Tub special:

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Timothy J Lew (San Antonio, US)

Pretty handy in preparing meat for the marinade.

JEFF YOUNG (West Lafayette, US)

Works Awesome

Robert Heird (Nampa, US)
Great Prep Tub

Cool design for a lightweight and compact prep tub. Stores easily and is just as easy to use. Cutting board is handy but not the greatest.

Linda Wagner (Beverly, US)
Gifted items

The items I bought from you were Christmas gifts for my son in law. He really liked them, but hasn’t used the items maybe you could give the points to him. Thanks

mike dri (Naperville, US)
3 tmes

hope the third will come undamaged

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