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Carbon Steel Plancha

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Discover the art of versatile outdoor cooking with the Carbon Steel Plancha, a robust
addition to your grilling arsenal. This heavy-duty plancha is forged from 23 pounds of
carbon steel, boasting a ¼ inch thickness that ensures exceptional thermal mass and
superior heat retention. It's not just about cooking; it's about cooking with precision and
resilience. With the ability to rotate 360°, you gain full control of your heat zones, allowing you to focus on the flavor rather than fumbling with your food. Engineered for convenience, the Carbon Steel Plancha comes with strategically placed cut-outs for easy handling— even with gloves on—though it's best to move it before the heat kicks in.

This plancha's design serves more than function; it enhances your cooking experience. The large handles promote excellent airflow and double as the perfect spot for a drip tray. Plus, the flat edge of the handles is just right for spatula scraping, ensuring a tidy grilling surface. Designed to nestle close to the coals, this plancha offers fuel efficiency that's hard to beat. It's a perfect fit for 18 or 22-inch round Kettle and Kamado style grills, including the popular Weber, Kamado Joe Classic, Big Joe, Big Green Egg Large, and X-Large. Ensure your grill's cooking grate supports are robust enough to handle this culinary heavyweight, as it's ready to support not just its own considerable heft but also your favorite foods and liquids.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Thermal Mass: Retains heat for consistent cooking and perfect sear marks.
  • Durable Construction: Made with ¼ inch thick carbon steel for long-lasting use.
  • Rotatable Design: Easily manage your cooking zones by rotating the plancha, not the food.
  • Easy Handling: Large handles for safe movement and optimal airflow, with convenience for spatula scraping.
  • Fuel Efficient: Sits close to the coals for better fuel use and higher cooking temperatures.
  • Compatibility: Fits various grill sizes and styles, including 18 and 22-inch Weber, Kamado Joe, and Big Green Egg grills.

Enhance your grill to a professional cooking station with the Carbon Steel Plancha.
Whether you're a seasoned chef or an avid backyard griller, elevate your next barbecue to an epicurean event. Add to cart now and unlock the secret to perfectly cooked, deliciously seared dishes every time!

    Works with and fit:

    - 18 or 22 inch round Kettle style grills (including Weber)
    - 18 or 22 inch round Kamado style grills including: Kamado Joe Classic, Big Joe, Big Green Egg Large and Big Green Egg X-Large

      The 3 cooking grate supports in your grill need to be of sufficient strength to hold 23 lbs in weight plus foods/liquids. It also works well on top of your existing cooking grate.

      Note: When the insert arrives, the cooktop will be silver (unseasoned). It will develop the dark color shown in the images once it's been used several times.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      James Rials (Stone Mountain, US)

      Very nice piece of gear. Thick steel holds heat great. Smooth as glass and took to seasoning quick and easy. After a few thin coats of canola oil it was beautiful and non-stick for some onion smash burgers. Thank you for a such a simple but perfect griddle.

      David Brady (Grand Rapids, US)
      Carbon Steel Plancha

      Love the Plancha! Have done "smash burgers" twice using the Plantcha on The Big Green Egg - turned out perfect both times. A great addition to my outdoor grilling arsenal!

      Scott (San Antonio, US)
      Excellent Plancha (Griddle)

      I was thrilled to find a heavy carbon steel griddle for my large big green egg. I use carbon steel and cast iron in the kitchen, so I’m used to completing the initial seasoning. This was extremely easy to get a wonderful seasoning on (I used my oven for 4 rounds of seasoning). It turned out very well. I have made smash burgers several times with wonderful results. I have also done fried eggs. My wife and I are using it this evening for another round of smash burgers! I would definitely recommend this if you are interested a high quality plancha for your grill!

      Trescott Hinton (Chapin, US)
      Carbon steel plancha

      Just received and ready to season. Perfect for large green egg. I see smash burgers and many pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausage in my families future! Thanks

      James Moore (Provincetown, US)
      Plan ha

      Big Green egg XL guy… the plancha opens up other great options…. Great for the tailgating season and this takes smash burgers to a new level. A must get!!!!

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