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Grilled Fish and Shrimp

Grilled Fish and Shrimp

Last weekend I I went fishing off the coast of the pacificocean, and for being the first time, I have to say, it wasn’t that bad. We took off in a small fishing boat, what the locals call “Panga”. The Pango is a type of modest-sized, open, outboard-powered, fishing boat. We took off literally from the shore, we passed the waves and after battling a little bit of seasickness, we  went further out the coast towards more tranquil waters. Once there, we had to throw the anchor to stay still.  Then I prepared the bait , the fishing rod and proceeded to  throw the hook into the water. After a couple of minutes the first fish was caught, and after an hour or so I got myself a good catch. We ran out of bait and called it a day, so we took off back to shore.

I stored the fish on a cooler to keep it fresh, then hit the road back home. When I was going back home I passed by a local fish market and bought some fresh shrimp, and took them back home with the fish. Next day, I wanted to cook the catch on the grill. I had never grilled a whole fish and shrimp before, so It was my first time. 

The first step was to clean and wash the fish and shrimp. Once that was done I got some Garlic Salt from Jacobsen and added it to the fish inside and out. Then I did the same with the Shrimp. In addition to that to the shrimp, I added the Sunshine State of Mind All Purpose BBQ Rub for a sweet touch. I let them sit for a minute.

I then proceeded to light the charcoal.

After the charcoal was lit, I proceeded to prepare the Römertopf  Rectangular Pan with Grill Nibs with a little bit of olive oil and then placed the fish with a couple of shrimp on the sides. I placed the pan on the grill and immediately the fish started to cook under the hot fire. It doesn’t take long, however you do need to cook it on each side, about 4 minutes each side for about 4 times. I also cooked shrimp directly on the grill. The shrimp cooks a lot faster. Once you start to see an orange turn, you flip it, and in about 10 minutes you have cooked shrimp. Also wanted to mention that I added a couple of purple onions on the grill for more flavor.

Once everything was cooked I took them out of the grill and placed the fish and shrimp in a glass bowl. Let it sit for a minute, and then proceed to savor the fruit of the sea! I just added a little bit of more salt and lime and enjoyed my meal!

I have to say this was an awesome experience! Going out there in the open ocean, being in contact with nature, getting some fish and then enjoying the food on the grill was awesome. Cooking whole fish on the grill is not always easy, as sometimes the fish may stick and dismantle itself; however, we did use the Römertopf  Rectangular Pan with Grill Nibs with some olive oil to avoid that, and it worked extremely well! I was amazed at how quick the shrimp cooks on the grill and the flavor  that the Sunshine State of Mind All Purpose BBQ Rub gave to them was good. Overall I think the meal was good,the lime on the fish was great, however  I could have added a sauce, I think it would have been nice to try. Until next time!


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