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Caveman Style Steak and veggies

Caveman Style Steak and veggies

In a world filled with modern culinary techniques and high-tech kitchen appliances, sometimes I would like to experience a more primal connection to my food. Embracing the spirit caveman's style cooking, I embarked on a culinary adventure that combined the primal joy of grilling with the sophistication of a New York style steak. My menu featured not only succulent steaks but also tomatoes, onions, chili, and corn. Let this culinary experience continue!  

First, I prepared the arena, got hold of a couple of rocks and I set up a clay pan above the rocks to hold the charcoal.

I then proceeded to light the charcoal, and get it ready for the grilling.

I would then prepare the steaks, with a little bit of salt on both sides.

Then proceeded to put the steaks and the vegetables directly into the hot charcoal:

Then I waited and flipped the side or the steak every 5 minutes, for about 20 minutes:

Once it was cooked I took the meat out of the fire and placed it on a wooden table:

Then the best part of it all, enjoying the meal:

As I gathered around the grill, savoring the aroma and the primal joy of cooking over an open flame, I knew I had created something special. The New York style steaks, perfectly seared, delighted my taste buds with their succulence. The tomatoes, onions, and chili were also a treat, but the corn, wow, a true caveman delight! In a world of modern gastronomy and intricate cooking techniques, sometimes the most satisfying meals are those that tap into our primal instincts. My caveman-style grill adventure proved that even in this time, we can channel the spirit of our ancestors and create a feast that satisfies both our hunger and our connection to the past. Let the adventure continue! Until the Next one!



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