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THE Steak Sandwich

THE Steak Sandwich

Hello, dear readers! It's me, Luis. Recently, we moved to a new home and inherited a sprawling garden that screams 'potential'. Sure, right now, it's just a patch of green, but there's an exciting vision taking shape in my mind. The plan? To craft it into the ultimate BBQ hotspot. 

Why the itch to jazz up this green space? It's straightforward: memories. We've had some, and we're geared up to make a ton more. Already kicked things off with a few family and friends popping by for some bites and banter. This garden? It's not just about the land. Think of it as our stage for tales, treats, and the good times we plan to roll out.

Speaking of food, I'd love to introduce you to a recipe that encapsulates the essence of what we're trying to achieve: simple, delicious, and packed full of memories. It’s the steak sandwich—a bite of which takes me back to those lazy Sunday afternoons with our Uncle Julio, the Grillmaster.



    1. Set your stage by cooking the beef tenderloin to an internal temperature of 115F.
    2. As anticipation builds, fire up a plancha. Those onions? Slice them up and carefully place them onto the buttered plancha to keep their shape. The aroma will surely take you places!
    3. In a bowl, mix together the mayo, sriracha, and pickles. This sauce is where simplicity meets flavor.
    4. Time to get that ciabatta bread toasty. Halve it and place it on the hot plancha for a few minutes.
    5. Back to our beef star! Give it a minute-long sear on each side. Once done, it’s time to carve out those tender slices.
    6. Assemble your masterpiece! Spread the sauce on both sides of the bread. Start with some arugula on the bottom, toss on those onion rings, pile on the steak, a bit more arugula (why not?), and slap on the top bread. Voilà!

    There you have it! A sandwich that's more than the sum of its parts—a mix of tradition, simplicity, and heart.

    As we wrap up this introductory blog, I want to remind each of you that this isn't just about grilling or food. It's about a journey, memories, and connections. We're not just firing up a grill; we're firing up our lives, filled with flavor, passion, and stories.

    So, whether you're here for the love of BBQ, the thrill of transformation, or just to join in on my journey, I'm glad you're aboard. Stay with me as we turn this garden into a BBQ sanctuary and remember: Every bite has a story. Let’s create ours.


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