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A Garden Update and a Burger that Keeps Everyone Happy

A Garden Update and a Burger that Keeps Everyone Happy

The journey continues, and this entry holds a bit of negotiation, a splash of planning, and a recipe that might just become your secret weapon at home.

Garden Update:

Everyone knows that plans change. It's all part of the growth. So, after presenting my garden blueprint to my better half, we found ourselves refining our vision. I've laid out the latest iteration of our garden design, and one thing's for sure: it's going to be an oasis of green.

The transformation of our garden starts with the plants. I'll share the current state of the garden, and once those plants have settled in, I'll give you a peek at the green haven we’ve crafted.

Recipe Time:

There’s nothing like a good meal to complement a planning session. Thus, came the creation of the aptly named “I Want My Wife Happy” burger. 


    1. Prep the Meat: Shape the ground sirloin/picanha into 0.25lb balls and refrigerate them briefly.
    2. Onion Saute: Sautee the sliced onions in a pan. For an extra depth of flavor, I recommend adding some Wagyu tallow.
    3. The Special Sauce: Combine mayo, mustard, ketchup, and sriracha sauce in a bowl. Adjust quantities to taste.
    4. Smash Those Burgers: Remove your meatballs from the fridge. Heat up your favorite carbon steel pan, melt in some Wagyu tallow, drop in a meatball, salt it, and smash. Once the bottom is perfectly seared, flip, add a slice of Gouda, and repeat for the second patty. Stack the two patties and cover to let the cheese melt beautifully.
    5. Assembly Time: On the bottom half of the bun, spread some of your special sauce. Layer on the double patty, followed by sautéed onions and lettuce. Top it off with the other half of your bun.

    Now, while this burger might be simple, it's packed with flavors that bring joy to any table (and might just make negotiations go a bit smoother). 

    Post-burger, our garden plans evolved slightly, but not as dramatically as I'd feared. I believe that burger played a peacekeeping role in the proceedings. So, if you find yourself in the middle of a debate or negotiation, maybe consider rustling up this delightful burger. Food has a way of smoothing the edges of any conversation.

    Final Design of the Garden:

    Stay tuned as our garden takes shape and our culinary journey continues. Keep the flames high and your spirits higher!


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