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XL Trompo King® Vertical Griller with Grate by Mr. Bar-B-Q®

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Create food from around the globe with the XL Vertical Griller from Mr. Bar-B-Q®•Powered by Trompo King®. The removable wire veggie rack is perfect to cook your veggies alongside your perfectly stacked meat and the easy lift handles allow you to move it to and from your grill without fumbling. The 3 different sized meat spikes allow it to fit inside all types of cookers, including charcoal, gas, pellet, smokers, komado, and ovens. Combining the technique of vertical cooking and stacking with the flavors of Mexico and the Middle East, you can create your favorites including tacos al pastor, gyro, shawarma, and more. 

  1. DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL: Quality food grade stainless steel tray and rack will hold up against repeated washing and use.
  2. EASY TO USE: Assembly in under 30 seconds. Place the veggie rack in the tray pan and choose desired spike height and you’re ready to go. Stack layers of marinated meat for grilling and easy to slice and serve directly off the spike.
  3. MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Fits all types of cookers including charcoal, gas, pellet, smokers, komado, and ovens.
  4. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Includes removable wire veggie rack, easy lift handles and 3 different sized meat spikes.
  5. CREATE FOOD FROM AROUND THE GLOBE: Combines the technique of vertical cooking/stacking with the flavors of Mexico and the Middle East to create tacos al pastor, gyro, shawarma, and more.
    • Fits up to 30lb of meat
    • Tacos al Pastor, Gyro, Shawarma, and More
    • Includes Removable Wire grate
    • 3 Different Sized Meat Spikes to Fit all Types of Cookers, ovens and smokers
    • 13.25 wide up to 13.07 tall (tallest spike) 

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