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Wax and Oil Conditioner for Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks, and other food contact wood surfaces.

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Campfire Woodwork’s “Wood Food” is a perfect blend of food-safe mineral oil and natural beeswax to deliver the best possible treatment and protection for your wood products.

Used on cutting boards, butcher block, salad bowls, and just about any other wood surface in your home that comes in contact with food. The mineral oil component soaks in and penetrates deep into wood fibers to restore moisture, prevent cracking, repel stains and odors, and bring out the natural luster of your wood. Beeswax helps seal wood pours keeping water, food particles, and harmful bacteria from penetrating the surface of your wood.

Wood Food is conveniently packaged in a mess and hassle free 8oz round tin and includes a reusable bamboo cotton applicator or a smaller 2oz tin without the cotton pad. For best results with Wood Food use the included applicator, clean cloth, or paper towel to apply a thin layer over entire wood surface. Allow 5-10 minutes to soak in and dry, then using a clean cloth or paper towel remove any access and buff to a shine. Wood Food should be applied regularly as your wood surface appears dry or after a period of heavy use and cleaning.

The ingredients of Wood Food are 100% food safe and can be used on any wood surfaces that may come in contact with foods. Avoid use on wood that has a coating of lacquer, varnish, paint, or any other permanent seal. It is normal for your wood to appear permanently darker and slightly glossy after application, before use you should test Wood Food on a discreet area on your woods surface.

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