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Slow 'N Sear® Deluxe Kettle Grill

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Let's set the scene: It's a gorgeous afternoon, the kind where the sun's rays tickle your skin and the breeze is just a whisper. There's the laughter of friends, the clink of ice in your glass, and in the heart of it all, the 22" Slow 'N Sear® Kettle Grill stands proudly. Imagine all the robust, smoky flavors of an old-school charcoal grill with a twist of modern innovation. This isn't your granddad's grill, though it honors the timeless tradition of kettle-style cooking. The Slow 'N Sear® Kettle Grill revolutionizes the way we cook outdoors. It’s been hailed as the “Best New Product of 2020” and a “Best Value Platinum Medal Winner” by Meathead Goldwyn of—and for good reason.

Now let’s dig into the meat of it—why this grill? For starters, the Slow 'N Sear® Kettle Grill is a marvel when it comes to versatility. The patented Slow ‘N Sear® Deluxe insert transforms the grill into a powerhouse for precise two-zone cooking, offering unparalleled searing power and the kind of low ‘n slow smoking that would make any pitmaster’s heart swell with pride. And space? There’s plenty. A side shelf that can hold up to 20 pounds of brisket or a mountain of pulled pork stands at the ready. The lid cradle? Think of it as the safe haven for your lid, keeping it off to the side, out of the way, but always within reach.

But that's not all. Let's talk about the bells and whistles that elevate this grill to celebrity
status in the world of barbecue:

  • Premium Build: 304 Stainless Steel and a 22" EasySpin™ Grill Grate scream quality and endurance.
  • Intelligent Design: With the Slow ‘N Sear® accessory, it's not just about grilling, it's about perfecting the art with two-zone cooking.
  • Convenient Storage: The side shelf ready to bear the weight of your hefty cuts, and a lid cradle to keep things tidy.
  • Clean and Tidy: A five vent no-touch ash removal system because no one likes messy hands after a day of grilling.
  • Controlled Burn: A “Smoke Hole” and a “Probe Port” for refined airflow control and spot-on temperature readings.
  • Maximum Heat: Larger vents for those times when higher temps are the game plan.
  • Durability and Ease: A larger, porcelain-coated charcoal grate for bigger fires and the effortless swing-away port covers.
  • Stylishly New: Introducing the new color, black, giving the kettle a sleek, timeless look.

As for the specs, they’re just as impressive:

  • Standing Tall: A total height of 41⅔ inches with a lid that towers with purpose.
  • Without the Top: Standing at 31½ inches, ready for action.
  • When Extended: A width of 41¾ inches with the shelf out for all your prep needs.
  • Slim Without the Shelf: A neat 30⅝ inches in width.
  • A Solid Companion: Weighing in at 38 pounds of grilling might.
  • A Generous Heart: A 22-inch cooking grate to host feasts big or small.
  • Dressed in Black: Sporting a black porcelain enamel that’s as durable as it is classic.
  • Packaged Right: Comes in a 26x26x15 inch box, ready to ship anywhere the grill life calls (with the noted exceptions).

Wrapping up this little fireside chat, the 22" Slow 'N Sear® Kettle Grill isn't just another item in your outdoor arsenal—it's the heartthrob of the patio, the monarch of the backyard barbecue. Designed with the spirit of American innovation and manufactured with the precision of Chinese craftsmanship, this grill is a bridge between worlds, where time honored cooking meets 21st-century living. So, whether you're a grilling guru or just someone who loves a good cookout, the Slow 'N Sear® Kettle Grill is ready to transform your culinary escapades into legendary tales of taste. After all, life's too short for average grilling.

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