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Mesa 305 | Stainless Propane Gas Grill

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Key Features

  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron grates for even heat distribution, easy cleaning, and long lifespan
  • Clearview lid for monitoring food without heat and flavor loss
  • Versatile side burner for additional cooking space for sauces and side dishes
  • Compact size with a large 570 square inch cooking area that can fit a 20-pound turkey, 30 burgers, or various meats and vegetables simultaneously


Become a Backyard BBQ Hero with the Monument Grills Mesa 305: A Three-Burner Gas Grill with Glass Window

Calling all grill masters and aspiring barbecue enthusiasts! Take your grilling game to the next level with the Monument Grills Mesa 305, a versatile three-burner gas grill that offers equal parts power and convenience. This isn't your ordinary three-burner gas grill; the Mesa 305 is a patio-perfect grilling machine designed to turn you into the star of your next backyard barbecue.

Master the Flame with Three Powerful Burners:

The Mesa 305 boasts a three-burner design, allowing you to create variable heat zones for perfect grilling across the entire surface. Sear juicy steaks over high heat on one burner, while gently cooking vegetables or smoking low and slow on another. This three-burner gas grill empowers you to cook a variety of foods simultaneously, ensuring a stress-free and efficient grilling experience.

Grill Like a Pro with a Crystal-Clear View:

Unlike traditional grills that require constantly lifting the lid to check on your food, the Mesa 305 features a convenient grill with a glass window. This innovative feature allows you to monitor your food's progress without letting out precious heat or interrupting the cooking process. The clear view through the glass window transforms the Mesa 305 into a true grill master's tool, letting you keep an eye on those burgers and brats without ever lifting a finger.

Spacious Cooking Area for Maximum Grilling Potential:

Don't let the three-burner design fool you. The Mesa 305 packs a punch with a massive 570 square inch cooking area. This expansive space comfortably accommodates a 20-pound turkey, 30 juicy burgers, or a combination of meats and vegetables, ensuring you can cater to all your guests' grilling desires during your next barbecue. Whether you're feeding a small family or a hungry crowd, the Mesa 305 three-burner gas grill provides ample space to become the king of the backyard cookout.

Effortless Monitoring and Stylish Design:

The Mesa 305 isn't just about functionality; it's also designed to add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space. The sleek, stainless steel finish exudes a modern and polished look that complements any patio décor. Plus, the grill with a glass window adds a touch of contemporary flair, further elevating the aesthetics of your grilling setup.

The Monument Grills Mesa 305: Your Gateway to Barbecue Bliss

Whether you're a seasoned grill master or just starting your grilling journey, the Monument Grills Mesa 305 three-burner gas grill is the perfect companion for your outdoor culinary adventures. With its powerful burners, grill with a glass window for effortless monitoring, and expansive cooking area, the Mesa 305 equips you to grill like a pro and create unforgettable barbecue moments for you, your family, and friends.

Big Grilling on a Small Footprint: The Mesa 3B Series Surprise

The Mesa 3B Series defies expectations. This grill's sleek design might suggest a limited capacity, but don't be fooled. With a massive 570 square inch cooking area, it can handle meals for 4-6 people with ease, grilling everything from a 20-pound turkey to 30 burgers at once. It's the perfect option for space-conscious patios that still crave big barbecue flavor.

Unleash Your Inner Grill Master: The Mesa 3B Series Powerhouse

The Mesa 3B Series isn't just about looks, it's a grilling powerhouse. With a single push, its 3+1 stainless steel burners ignite, delivering a whopping 48,000 BTUs of heat. Sear steaks to perfection at scorching temperatures of 650°F reached in just 15 minutes. Porcelain-coated cast iron grates ensure even heat distribution and effortless cleaning, while the full-window lid and easy-to-read gauge give you precision control for any recipe you throw at it.

Beyond the Grill: The Mesa 3B Series Versatility Advantage

The Mesa 3B Series doesn't stop at grilling perfection. It boasts a convenient side burner, expanding your culinary horizons. This additional cooktop provides extra space to whip up delicious sauces, prepare side dishes, or simmer your favorite accompaniments – all while keeping your main course sizzling on the grill. It's the ultimate in versatile outdoor cooking.

Hidden Storage Haven: The Mesa 3B Series Space-Saving Surprise

The Mesa 3B Series keeps your patio clutter-free with its spacious double-door storage compartment. The sleek, high-quality stainless steel doors with smooth outline handles hide a generous amount of space. Tuck away your gas canisters, grilling tools, and essentials out of sight, maintaining a clean and organized grilling area. It's the perfect blend of style and functionality.



Monument Grills

Collection Name




Grill Type

Gas Grill

Grill Configuration


Fuel Type

Propane (LPG)

Grill Finish

Stainless Steel Finish

Main Grill Grate Material


Product Weight

100 lbs

Number of Main Burners


Number of Side Burners


Griling Surface BTUs

48,000 BTUs

Side Burner BTUs

12,000 BTUs

Main Grilling Area

405 sq inch

Secondary Grilling Area

165 sq inch

Total Grilling Area

570 sq inch

Ignition Type

Electronic Ignition

Cooking Grid Dimensions

16.3" x 24"



See the Monument Grill Mesa 305 Gas Grill assembly video:

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