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LUCCA X58 Espresso Machine

Original price $1,899.00 - Original price $1,999.00
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$1,899.00 - $1,999.00
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*Excludes Grills and Coffee Equipment

Color: Stainless

The LUCCA X58 is a stainless steel heat exchanger with an E61 group head, a vibratory pump, and a built-in PID with an integrated shot timer. It runs off its internal 3L reservoir. Built exclusively in Italy by Quick Mill. 

Who is it for?

You're searching for something unique. You need a powerhouse to achieve that perfectly creamy, silky smooth microfoam. Space might be limited, but you're not willing to sacrifice performance or design. The machine of your dreams encompasses a traditional, romantic design with a touch of modern technology in one sleek, compact package.


  • Wood-handled stainless steel tamper
  • Double-spouted portafilter
  • Bottomless portafilter
  • Single basket (14g)
  • Double basket (18g)
  • Triple basket (20g)
  • Blind basket
  • 2-hole, 3-hole and 4-hole steam tips
  • Our techs will bench-test this machine to ensure that no damage has occurred during shipping and that the machine is working just as it should. They will also adjust the pump pressure to pull shots at 9 bars out-of-box. 


  • Heat exchanger
  • E61 group head
  • Vibratory pump
  • PID controller
  • Integrated shot timer accurate to the tenth of a second
  • Boiler and pump pressure gauges
  • No-burn, insulated steam and hot water arms
  • Joystick steam and hot water knobs
  • Removable drip tray
  • Boiler: Stainless steel, 1.8L
  • Reservoir: 2.5 L (BPA free plastic)

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