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Karbon Steel Classic Griddle

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Enhance your Kamado Joe or any round 18-inch charcoal grill with the Karbon Steel Classic Griddle. This versatile accessory instantly converts your grill into an expansive flattop griddle, offering a new range of culinary possibilities. From sizzling bacon and eggs for breakfast to perfectly seared meats and veggies for dinner, this griddle does it all. The carbon steel construction is lighter than cast iron, making it easy to handle, yet it heats up swiftly and maintains even temperatures for a consistent cook every time.

Pre-seasoned for convenience, the Karbon Steel Griddle promises a non-stick surface that's ideal for any dish you plan to whip up. Thoughtfully designed with a grease drain, it ensures cleanup is as effortless as cooking, and the stainless-steel handles allow for seamless transition from grill to table.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Full-Size Griddle: Offers a large cooking surface suitable for a variety of foods.
  • Quick Heating: The carbon steel material heats up rapidly and evenly for perfect cooking conditions.
  • Easy Maintenance: Comes pre-seasoned with a non-stick surface and includes a grease drain for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Convenient Handling: Stainless steel handles enable easy lifting and serving.
  • Material Benefits: Combines the versatility of stainless steel with the heat conduction of cast iron.

Whether you own a Kamado Joe Classic series, Large Big Green Egg, or another compatible
round grill, the Karbon Steel Classic Griddle will take your grilling to new heights. Ready to
explore the full potential of your grill? Click to add this griddle to your cart now and embrace the joy of outdoor cooking with flair and ease!

Karbon Steel Griddle for Kamado Joe Classic Series.

Expand the versatility of your Kamado Joe ceramic grill with the Griddle insert from our Karbon Steel collection. Instantly transform your grill into a full-size flat-top griddle and easily cook breakfast, sear meat and veggies, or sauté your favorite dish. Known for being lighter weight than cast iron, the carbon steel griddle also heats up quickly while maintaining an even temperature, ensuring a consistent cook every time.


  • Full-size, pre-seasoned carbon steel griddle accessory is perfect for breakfast, searing, roasting and sauteing
  • Non-stick griddle heats up quickly and maintains consistent temperatures
  • Includes a grease drain for quick and easy clean-up
  • Stainless-steel handles for easy serving
  • Carbon steel is as versatile as stainless steel and as conductive as cast iron
  • Classic Joe® size griddle compatible with all Kamado Joe Classic Joe series, Kamado Joe Konnected Joe™, Large Big Green Egg, and other round 18-inch charcoal grills
  • Big Joe® size griddle compatible with all Kamado Joe Big Joe series, XL Big Green Egg, and other round 24-inch charcoal grills 

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Customer Reviews

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Troy Newberry
Excellent Griddle

I’m using this in a Blaze Kamado style grill. I had to cut the handles off for the lid to close. This griddle cooks fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with it.

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