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I've nicknamed this board "The Behemoth" because if it's size and weight. Serious about your cooking and your kitchen, then this is the last butcher block you'll ever need. Made of solid maple it's the ideal choice for daily kitchen use and abuse. Maple is easily the most durable wood for cutting boards and it's why you'll still find many maple butcher blocks in antique stores today.

Using the face or edge grain is how most cutting boards are made. End grain construction rotates the wood so you are cutting into the grain from the ends of the timber. This process is more difficult and takes more time, but the results are fantastic. Structurally stronger and better looking, the increased price is well worth the investment.

Hard maple grows commonly in North America. When in tree form it’s known as sugar maple, the tree where maple syrup comes from. Hard maple is also known for its use in basketball courts and bowling lanes because of its durability.

21" Long x 14" Wide x 4" High

Each edge of the board is finished with 45-degree chamfered edges and large handles on either side for easy lifting. It also includes 4 extra large silicone leveling feet to help keep it stable on uneven surfaces and from slipping during use.

This board is one of a kind, and available to ship with 3-5 business days.

Additional Notes
Our boards are handmade in our shop using some the best locally purchased domestic and exotic hardwoods. All wood is professionally kiln dried ensuring the ideal moisture level to prevent warping and cracking.

Every board is 100% food safe, never using any dye or stain and only high-quality food safe glues. Our boards are then finished with several coats of food grade mineral oil which penetrates and protects the wood grain as well as brings out the natural luster and beauty of each species of wood used. Finally, a coat of beeswax is applied to further protect the wood, beeswax helps stop the ingress of moisture and food particles and makes the board it easier to clean.

Before shipping one last treatment is applied to ensure it is ready for use the moment you open your box. Our boards are also shipped with care instructions, if properly cared for each of our boards will be an heirloom piece that can last generations. Our blend of mineral oil and beeswax used to treat all of our boards is also available in our store.

We’re extremely proud of each piece we create, and love seeing them in the hands of others. We know you’ll love it too. But, if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase we will happy to accept returns within 7 days of receiving it as long as it is unused, less the cost of shipping.

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