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The best thermometer in the Industry is now FOGO branded. This Tel-Tru industry-standard thermometer has a 3” dial and a 4” stem - easy to read and a great way to customize your grill!

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Well I live in the mountains and we are covered in snow so I cannot install the thermometer in my grill until weather permits. I'm sure the thermometer is just fine. I looked over reviews regarding thermometers and chose FOGO's based on those reviews. That being said, the product should be great, but their customer commitment sucks! Read on to understand why I said that. I only give 1 star instead of zero stars because the option of zero stars is not available. When I ordered the thermometer, I had to create an account. When creating the account, I UNCHECKED the box to sign up for their SPAM emails because I do not want or desire anyone's SPAM. However, they obviously ignored that choice and decided to immediately send me their SPAM anyway. I reached out to them and was told they automatically add people to their send SPAM email service even when they choose NOT to receive the junk, and that there is an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email. SERIOUSLY??? Why should anyone have to click another link when they chose from the very beginning to NOT RECEIVE the junk to begin with? After a couple back and forth messages, they removed my email supposedly. I say supposedly because here we are AGAIN, getting junk from them that I DID NOT WANT TO BEGIN WITH AND EXPLICITLY TOLD THEM THAT AND YET THEY ARE STILL SENDING THIS JUNK TO ME!!!

Like I said, the box was unchecked because I DO NOT want your SPAM or anyone else’s SPAM. If you are going to automatically subscribe people to your SPAM, why do you have the option to UNCHECK the box so people WILL NOT receive your SPAM? How many times does a person need to unsubscribe when they already chose NOT to subscribe?

It’s not a trick question.

Not trying to be an ass, but online stores need to get that issue figured out and fix it. No different than receiving a bunch of unwanted snail mail through the post office. Instead of giving the customer what THEY want, most of you people have the mentality to give the customer what YOU want.

Good job

I tested before installing with a thermo pen .It was close so adjusted thermometer
To match. Cooked ribs to perfection and the large dial is easy to read.

Love it

Works great And looks freakin awesome on my barrel house smoker


Excellent. Accurate reading right out of the box.

J Gilmore
Fogo Temperature Gauge Review

I can view the gauge from my family room, without missing those special game plays. Quick glance is all it takes.

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