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de Buyer Non Stick Frypan 9.5"

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Discover Precision Cooking with De Buyer CHOC Nonstick Fry Pan 9.5"

Elevate your kitchen prowess with the De Buyer Non Stick Frypan 9.5", a paragon of nonstick carbon steel cookware that brilliantly marries functionality with French culinary artistry. This 9-inch non-stick pan, renowned for its durable 5-layer PTFE coating, offers unparalleled nonstick performance, making it an essential tool for every culinary enthusiast.

Exceptional Quality:

  • Robust Nonstick Coating: The de Buyer Non Stick Frypan 9.5" features a remarkable 5-layer PTFE coating, ensuring effortless food release and simplifying cleanup, hallmark traits of nonstick carbon steel cookware.
  • Warp and Scratch Resistance: As a premier example of nonstick carbon steel cookware, the de Buyer Non Stick Frypan is engineered to resist warping and scratches, enhancing its longevity and maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

With the De Buyer Non Stick Frypan 9.5", experience the fusion of superior craftsmanship and practical design, all while embracing the rich heritage of French culinary tradition.

Care: wash by hand only, non-abrasive sponge.
All cook tops including induction.

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