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1.  Apply to clean and dry wood surfaces.

2. Spread Crisbee Cream Wood™ onto surface using a circular motion with your fingertips to work into wood grain. 

3. After all surfaces are coated, allow to sit overnight. 

4. For new boards, apply once a day for the first week. Then apply once per week for the next four weeks, and then once monthly thereafter, or as needed.

5. Wipe off excess Crisbee Cream Wood using a clean paper towel before use.

Food Grade Mineral Oil, Beeswax

Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
M. Chesher (Dixon, US)
Easy to apply

Was looking for an easy product to use to refresh some old cutting boards and convert a huge butcher block counter scrap into a cutting board. Found that this goes on super easy and soaks in quickly. Was happy with the results.

WIlliam King (Apache Junction, US)

Great product

Joe G (Kennesaw, US)
Maybe I found my answer

I have several cutting boards that I maintain. Some I purchased new, some I recovered from neighbor toss-outs. No matter the source, they all need maintenance to last. This Crisbee product intrigued me with the addition of beeswax. Contrary to my impression, it was easy to apply and provides a nice water shedding coating to my boards.

I can’t speak of the durability yet, but my first impression is quite good!

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