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Arteflame XL 30" Grill - Euro Base

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Elevate Your Grilling Experience with the XL 30"

Crafting Culinary Memories

Embark on a culinary journey with the Arteflame Classic 30" High Euro Base Starter Bundle, combining the exquisite Arteflame charcoal grill with essential accessories. Seamlessly prepare multiple dishes using the center grill grate and griddle, transforming your cooking area into a culinary haven.

Efficiency meets versatility with the XL 30"

Prepare multiple dishes simultaneously using the center grill grate and griddle, accommodating twelve racks of ribs or twenty-four burgers. Elevate your cooking game with the XL 30" – where cooking becomes a breeze, and every dish is a masterpiece.

Key Highlights of the Arteflame XL 30"
  1. 🔥Steakhouse-Level Searing: Command the art of the perfect sear with temperatures soaring beyond 1,000°F.
  2. 🔥Holistic Grilling Experience: Grill a complete feast on the 700+ Sq. In. of cooking space with dynamic heat distribution.
  3. 🔥Durable & Designed for Excellence: Crafted with 3/8” carbon steel cooktop and spun bowl of the finest US CORTEN "weathering" steel.
  4. 🔥Grill, Socialize, Elevate Celebrations: Transform from a grill to a cozy fire bowl, redefining outdoor experiences.
Form and Function Excellence with Euro Base

Every Arteflame grill with the Euro base combines voluptuous aesthetics with functionality. Its CORTEN steel legs effortlessly slide together, creating a sculpted design that exudes both luxury and art. Even when not in use, this version shines as an artistic centerpiece in any backyard.

Craft Memories with the Arteflame Classic 30"

The Arteflame Classic 30" doesn’t just promise a meal; it pledges an exquisite dining event. Dive deep into the realm of five-star grilling, crafting memories with every sizzle and smoke. With Arteflame, you’re the maestro of every steakhouse-worthy feast. Explore the Arteflame Classic 30" High Euro Base Starter Bundle: Redefine your outdoor cooking experience. Order now and become the maestro of every culinary masterpiece!

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