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Arteflame 40" Platinum Edition Grill - Euro Base

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Arteflame 40" Platinum Edition Grill: Grilling Perfection

Elite Steakhouse Experience

Discover unparalleled grilling excellence with the Arteflame 40" Platinum Edition Grill. Esteemed for its superior finish and design, this grill is a must-have for enthusiasts. It includes a grill grate and a seasoning puck, ensuring you're ready to grill immediately. Emulate elite steakhouse searing over 1,000°F in your own backyard, elevating your grilling game to a professional level.

Key Highlights
  1. 🔥Steakhouse-Level Searing: Command the art of the perfect sear with temperatures soaring beyond 1,000°F. Transform your steaks into gourmet masterpieces with that impeccable, steakhouse-crisp outer layer and succulent interior.
  2. 🔥Holistic Grilling Experience: While your steaks reach perfection, the Arteflame’s dynamic heat distribution ensures the rest of your meal isn't left behind. Grill a complete feast, all imbued with that rich, smokey flavor that elevates each bite.
  3. 🔥Durable & Designed for Excellence: Made with 1/2" carbon steel cooktop and the spun bowl of the finest US Stainless Steel, this grill promises lasting excellence. Its stainless steel base, sculpted in timeless design lines, embodies both luxury and resilience.
  4. 🔥Grill, Socialize, Elevate Celebrations: Unleash limitless joy with Arteflame: social grilling without boundaries. Its enchanting sizzle, aroma, and flames create seamless gatherings, transforming from a grill to a cozy fire bowl. Redefine outdoor experiences and celebrate every occasion with Arteflame.
  5. 🔥Form and Function Excellence: Every Arteflame grill with the Euro base is as voluptuous as it is functional. Its stainless steel legs simply slide together making a most unusual, sculpted design while still exuding both luxury and art. When not in use as a grill, this version is the most artistic and shines as an art centerpiece in any back yard like no other.

The Arteflame Classic 40" Grill doesn’t just promise a meal—it pledges an exquisite dining event. Dive deep into the realm of five-star grilling, and with every sizzle and smoke, craft memories that last. Because with the Arteflame, you’re the maestro of every steakhouse-worthy feast.

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