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Just like you, we kicked off from scratch! We've been right where you are, navigating the kitchen maze. But fear not! These essentials didn't just save the day; they've been our secret sauce to kitchen triumph!

Just like you, we kicked off from scratch! We've been right where you are, navigating the kitchen maze. But fear not! These essentials didn't just save the day; they've been our secret sauce to kitchen triumph!


I'm Jessica, and I've uncovered the kitchen treasures that have turned my cooking into a joyous and easier experience. These essentials aren't just tools; they're culinary companions that have transformed my kitchen into a realm of flavorful wonders.


My top kitchen essential and go-to kitchen buddy for crafting not only delicious savory dishes but also trying out baking experiments like sourdough loaves. It's super versatile, working like a charm in the oven, on the grill, and even in the microwave. Plus, clean up is super easy!


Grilling and cooking seafood is my passion, and the Ultimate Spatula has made it easier than ever! Its sturdy build and fine design help me handle delicate proteins with precision and ease. It's more than just a spatula; it's an essential tool for any seafood lover.


The Meater+ has revolutionized my cooking style. By relying on food temperature instead of time, my meals always turn out perfectly cooked. With real-time cooking updates sent to my phone, I can focus on other tasks while my meal cooks to perfection. It's definitely a must-have tool for any kitchen.


Grilling more has turned me into a Classic Joe Grill enthusiast. I used to find grilling intimidating, but it's surprisingly easy to use. The flavor it gives to smoked food is incredible! It's now my go-to for outdoor cooking, making every meal a delicious experience!

You know the saying “the older you get, the wiser you are” well that’s me with kitchen tools (and other things in life). I’ve realized that investing in good tools can make my experience an easier and enjoyable one! This are my must haves of the moment:


It’s the first knife that I splurged on, and it has easily become my favorite one. This is a relatively small knife with a lot of power and it’s great because my kitchen space is very limited. The Santoku glides easily when I chop ingredients or cut watermelons or thick cuts of meat - it can cut through pretty much anything. When you feel like it's getting dull the Kai sharpener comes in very handy!


Let’s just say I have a very small apartment kitchen, not much counter space and very little storage space, so the fact that this tub collapses is already reason enough for me to love it. Not only is it collapsible, but it has a lid which comes in handy if I need to marinate something overnight. It won’t take valuable space in my fridge and I can put stuff on top of it.


I recently started using cast iron, and if there is one perfect tool that I personally think goes well with it, it's this spatula. I mean it's perfect for delicate things like fish or scallops, but it also works wonders with burgers, pancakes, I’ve even used it for crepes - this puts my $5 plastic spatula to shame.


I’m the type of person that will have left over half peeled onions, open avocados, halved tomatoes and many other ingredients randomly scattered in my fridge, and by day 2 you can see them all drying out and eventually they just don’t look appetizing to use in other meals and sadly I end up throwing them away. But alas my savior, the freshness pot, fixes that issue and keeps those halves fresh and ready to use for my next recipe.I'm ready to grill anywhere.

Hi there! I'm Bobby. Step into my cooking world, where every tool is chosen for its functionality and ease of use. My favorites, the reliable Wooden Grill Scraper, the elegant Outset Rosewood Tongs and innovative Blazaball, each essential makes cooking a breeze. Join me as I introduce you to these must-have cooking essentials for awesome culinary adventures.


The Blazaball has truly revolutionized my grilling game. Its innovative design enhances the performance of my FOGOstarters, ensuring a quick and even ignition every time I grill. The stainless steel construction not only makes it durable but also compatible with various grill types, giving me versatility in my grilling accessories. Using the Blazaball is a breeze - just place it on the grill, insert the FOGOstarter, and enjoy a consistent start without any hassle. It's a user-friendly accessory that I can't imagine grilling without.


FOGOStarters have become my go-to choice for starting my grilling sessions. Their natural composition gives me peace of mind, knowing that I'm using a reliable product made from natural materials. These firestarters provide a consistent ignition, giving me a dependable foundation for successful grilling every time. Their compact size and easy ignition make them incredibly user-friendly, offering a convenient and efficient way to kickstart my grilling experience without any fuss.


I absolutely love my Wooden Grill Scraper. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also does an incredible job of keeping my grill clean without the worry of wire bristles. Its natural wood construction feels sturdy in my hand, and it's amazing how it molds to the grill grates over time, making each cleaning session easier than the last. The ergonomic design ensures that cleaning is effortless and safe, giving me peace of mind every time I use it.


My Outset Rosewood Tongs are a staple in my grilling toolkit. Not only are they incredibly functional with their extra-long 22-inch length, but they also add a touch of elegance to my grilling experience with their rosewood handles. The design not only looks stylish but also provides optimal control, allowing me to handle even the most delicate of foods on the grill with ease. The secure grip and spring-loaded mechanism make using these tongs a breeze, adding convenience to every grilling session.

Hello, I'm Luis, a food lover who's recently delved into the culinary arts. This journey has transformed my daily meals into exciting culinary adventures. I've found several kitchen essentials that not only enhance my cooking experience but also fit perfectly into my lifestyle. These key items have streamlined my kitchen activities, enabling me to enjoy the process of cooking even more.


We love taking weekend trips, and I've learned one thing – the knives at most Airbnbs just don't cut it. That's why I always pack my own set of quality knives. They're easy to carry around, and honestly, I end up using them on almost every trip. Whether it's for whipping up a quick meal or something fancier, these knives are always on kitchen duty.


I've got this Toadfish Ultimate Grill Set, and honestly, it's a game-changer for my grilling. It's just the basics, but they're made so well – nothing like those flimsy ones you see everywhere. The best part? Each tool has its own spoon rest. Such a simple thing, but it makes a big difference. Plus, it all comes in its own case, which is super handy for taking it with me. Just grab and go, and I'm ready to grill anywhere.


This thing is a total game-changer in my kitchen. It's more than just a cutting board; it's like a trusty sidekick for all things cooking. I use it to slice and dice, and it's the perfect spot to let my meat rest after grilling. The best part? It keeps my counters spotless during prep. It's the little things like this that make cooking so much easier and enjoyable. Honestly, it's one of those kitchen tools you don't know you need until you have it, and then you can't live without it.


I'm all about getting the temperature just right when I cook, and let's be honest, the touch method and I aren't the best of friends. That's where my Meater+ Wireless Thermometer comes into play. It's like my secret weapon in the kitchen. I love that I can check on temperatures from afar, perfect for when I'm multitasking or just hanging out with friends. And for those long, slow cooks? This wireless wonder is a total lifesaver. Makes cooking feel less like a guessing game and more like a walk in the park.

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It works great and so far vegetables is all that I have cooked in it but they were perfect on my Big Green Egg to go with Chicken and baked potatoes.

- Brent Butler


Great product and significantly better than the plastic versions. Highly recommended.

- Gary Stackpole


This is a high-quality slicing knife, very sharp. Absolutely love it.

- John Simons


Love the pan so far, especially after getting it seasoned. I use it as much as I can.

- Eric Vandehey

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