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Big Green Egg Dome Adjustments - New Style Bands

Big Green Egg Dome Adjustments - New Style Bands

If you have had a Big Green Egg for any amount of time, eventually you will need to adjust the dome. It may be suffering from an overbite (the dome sticks out past the base) or an underbite (The base sticks out further than the dome). Either way, this video will help show you the easiest way possible to fix this very common problem with the New Style bands in your new BGE. These issues can be caused by any one of a number of ways. Maybe you were cooking very hot, maybe the bands were not as tight as they should have been. Whatever the cause, it is quite common and can be very daunting if you’re not familiar with how to fix it. Watch this short video as FOGO EGGspert, Captain Ron shows you just how easy it is to make this simple repair.


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