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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks & Recipes for Game Day

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks & Recipes for Game Day

Discover delicious and nutritious healthy super bowl snacks and recipes for game day. Don't sacrifice flavor for health - enjoy the game and keep to your goals with these better-for-you options.

Hey there, Superbowl fans! It's Luis, back in the kitchen with some game-changing recipes for your Superbowl bash. This year, I'm all about that healthy lifestyle (though don't worry, I’ll still cook some burnt ends and epic burgers). But hey, even a grill master like me needs to balance things out, right? So, we're diving into a world where big, bold flavors meet a healthy twist. Because let's face it, delicious doesn't have to mean unhealthy!


A great replacement for the traditional buffalo chicken wings. Wings and football are like the MVPs of game day, right? Let's give them a health-conscious makeover:






    • Wing Prep: Trim the tips, separate those drums, pat dry, and season. Pop them in the fridge for a couple of hours. This little trick gets the skin perfectly crispy.
    • Flavor Boost: Lightly coat with olive oil, then go to town with Greek Freak or the Sunshine State of Mind seasoning. I did half with one and the other half with the other and I must say that the Sunshine State of Mind surprised me - it’s a flavor bomb - delicious and I highly recommend it.
    • Grilling Magic: Fire up the grill with a Vortex to reach that golden 165°F. The Vortex is my secret weapon for evenly cooked, crispy wings - a perfect addition to your healthy super bowl recipes.


          • Don’t skip the fridge step - for me this is key to getting that awesome crispy skin.
          • I thought not having a sauce on the wings would affect the final result, but I was wrong. The dry rubs are more than enough to impart flavor to the chicken - try them with your favorite rub and you won't regret it!
          • If you don't have access to a grill, you can always bake them or use an air fryer.

          BAKED ONION RINGS - The best Game Day Snack

          Who's ready for a twist on onion rings? Baked, not fried, and just as addictive.



          • For this super bowl recipe, prepare the station: Line up your flour, yogurt, and Panko.
          • Onion Prep: Cut into ¼-inch rings, dip in flour, then yogurt, and finally Panko. Arrange on a baking sheet.
          • Sprinkle the onions with some salt for flavor
          • The Bake and Broil: Bake at 300°F until tender (about 15-20 min), then broil to golden perfection.


          • Achieving appealing onion rings for a super bowl snack was challenging – even with practice, there's always room for improvement. One thing that worked very well for me was to really dip the onion rings in the yogurt and heavily cover them with panko. This ensured me that the baked onion ring had that full cover of crispness that we want.
          • Try to move the onion rings from time to time while baking, this will help to avoid the onions sticking and also to have an even browning.
          • These are meant to be served with your favorite dip recipe - I like making my own with yogurt and sriracha, to me, it's the best healthy sauce.
          • One last tip, I tried both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt - For me, the best results were with Greek yogurt



          Guilty-free nachos for your super bowl party, anyone? Count me in!



            • Tortilla Transformation: Cut into triangles, drizzle with olive oil and a touch of garlic salt, and bake until they're chip-worthy.
            • Freshness Overload: Prep your toppings – shred that lettuce, and mix up some fresh pico de gallo with tomatoes, lime, salt, and cilantro.
            • Beef It Up: Brown some lean ground beef and season it just right.
            • The Art of Assembling: Start with your chips, then layer on lettuce, beef, pico de gallo, beans, and a sprinkle of cheese.


            • Regularly check the tortillas so that you avoid ending up with burnt ones. I got carried a way for a few minutes and ended up with an unusable batch.
            • I like sprinkling the Nachos with a flavored salt for an extra punch of flavor - this time I used Jacobsen garlic salt, but I also like using their Ghost chili salt.
            • Play with different toppings! I used these ingredients for my super bowl snack as those were what I had, but feel free to explore other options! To keep this appetizer healthy, avoid using too much cheese or sour cream.

            And there you have it – healthier, crowd-pleasing recipes to make your Superbowl party not just good, but legendary. Remember, preparing a super bowl party meal is about fun and experimentation, so feel free to add your own twists to these dishes.

            Happy Cooking!

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